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Visa Information for Studying Law in Australia

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Why Choose to Study Law?

•    Versatile Career Options: A Law degree opens avenues in politics, business, and banking, offering an array of career opportunities. With an average lawyer's salary in Brisbane reported at AU$107,570 per year, this field offers both financial and intellectual rewards. Why Pursue Law in Australia?

•    Top-Quality Education: Australian universities are globally recognized for their high-quality teaching standards. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023, seven Australian universities feature among the world's top 100 best law schools.

•    Flexible Intakes: With 2-3 intakes yearly, international students find flexibility in commencing their studies, catering to individual circumstances.

•    Post-Study Work Opportunities: Completing a 2-year or longer Law program enables eligibility for a 2-6-year Post-study Work Visa, fostering work experience and future migration prospects.

Career Prospects after Law Studies

•    Lawyer: Trained and licensed legal professionals offering advice and representation in various legal matters.

•    Paralegal: Essential support professionals assisting lawyers with legal tasks and administrative duties.

•    Barrister: Specialized legal professionals representing clients in court proceedings.

•    Judge: Professionals presiding over court proceedings and making impartial legal decisions.

•    Legal Officer/Assistant: Providing support to legal professionals in diverse legal tasks.

Law Courses Available in Australia

•    Bachelor of Laws

•    Graduate Certificate in Applied Law

•    Graduate Diploma in Commerce/Business Law

•    Juris Doctor

•    Master of Laws

•    PhD

Entry Requirements for International Students

•    For Bachelor's: Completion of Year 12 or equivalent with a minimum GPA and IELTS score.

•    For Master's: Completion of a Bachelor's degree, relevant work experience, and specific IELTS scores.

Law Majors Available in Australia

•    Civil Law

•    Criminal Law

•    Business Law

•    Tax Law

•    Environmental Law

•    International Law

•    Intellectual Property Law

Top Universities for Law Studies

•    University of Queensland

•    University of Wollongong

•    Macquarie University

•    UNSW

•    Griffith University

•    ANU

•    University of Technology Sydney

•    University of Adelaide

•    Monash University

•    Deakin University

•    Bond University

How to Become a Lawyer in Australia

•    Step 1: Obtain a Law degree (LLB or equivalent) requiring four years of full-time study.

•    Step 2: Complete Practical Legal Training (PLT) for practical skills.

•    Step 3: Apply for Admission to Practice, meeting specific state/territory requirements.

•    Step 4: Serve a Supervised Legal Practice Period.

•    Step 5: Obtain a Practicing Certificate to work independently as a solicitor or barrister.

Skills Assessments for Law Degree Holders

•    Law degree holders may require skill assessments under ANZSCO Code 271311 for immigration purposes.

Pathways to Permanent Residency (PR)

Step 1: Apply for a 485 Post Graduate Work Stream Visa, staying for 2-6 years.

Step 2: Apply for PR via skilled or employer-sponsored visas (189, 190, 491, 186, 482, 494).

Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group

For guidance on law studies in Australia and assistance in creating your education roadmap, contact Brasica Migration & Education Group for free consultation and application assistance!

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