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Business Management

Why is Business Management a top choice for international students in Australia? The allure lies in its flexibility and extensive career opportunities. Research reveals that nearly 70-80% of international students in Australian institutions pursue business-related programs. Australian qualifications hold global recognition, providing graduates with diverse career options across industries worldwide.

Why Study Business Management in Australia?

•    High Rankings: Australia boasts 5 universities ranked in the top 50 and 7 in the top 100 globally, known for exceptional teaching quality, facilities, and worldwide acclaim.

•    No Background Requirements: Individuals can directly enter Business Management programs without prior qualifications or work experience in the field.

•    Multiple Start Dates: Australian universities offer 2-3 intakes per year, offering flexibility for students to begin programs at their convenience.

•    Extended Stay: A 2-year or longer study in a higher education business degree can lead to a 2-8-year Post Study Working Visa, allowing graduates to gain substantial work experience and potentially explore migration options.

What Business Courses Might You Study in Australia?

Explore various business courses that cater to different educational needs:

•    Diploma of Business: Provides fundamental business knowledge for entry-level careers.

•    Bachelor of Commerce/Business Management: Offers comprehensive insights into various business disciplines and management principles, opening doors to diverse career opportunities.

•    Graduate Certificates/Diplomas: Specialized programs providing focused understanding or advanced knowledge in specific business areas.

•    Master of Commerce/Business Management: Prestigious postgraduate degrees offering advanced education in business disciplines.

•    Ph.D. in Business: The highest academic qualification in business, emphasizing research and significant contributions to the field.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements vary based on the level of study:

•    Diploma: Completion of Year 12 or equivalent with an IELTS score of 5.5.

•    Bachelor’s: Year 12 completion or a Diploma with an IELTS score of 6.5.

•    Master’s: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree with an IELTS score of 6.5.

Majors Available in Business Degrees

Explore specialized areas within business degrees:

•    Economics

•    Accounting

•    Finance

•    Organizational Behavior

•    Marketing Foundations

•    Business Law

•    Business Information Systems

Top Universities in Australia for Business Studies

Discover leading institutions offering business-related programs:

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Business: A comprehensive program covering various business disciplines, offering pathways to diverse career opportunities.

•    Master of Business: An advanced degree providing in-depth education in business management.

University of Queensland (UQ)

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Business Management: Comprehensive degrees covering various aspects of business, providing a strong foundation for future careers.

•    Master of Commerce/Master of Business: Advanced programs offering specialization and advanced learning in business management.

Griffith University

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Business: An undergraduate program providing students with fundamental knowledge and skills in business.

•    Master of Business: A postgraduate program focusing on advanced concepts and specialized areas within business management.

UNSW (University of New South Wales)

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Commerce: A program designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various business disciplines and management principles.

•    Master of Commerce: An advanced program focusing on specific areas within business, offering specialized knowledge and skills.

Torrens University

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Commerce: A degree program covering various business aspects and offering insights into different career paths.

•    Master of Business Administration: A prestigious program focusing on strategic business leadership and management.

Monash University

Courses Offered:

•    Bachelor of Business: An undergraduate program providing foundational knowledge in business disciplines and principles.

•    Master of Business: A postgraduate program offering specialized education in different areas of business management.

Career Outcomes

A Business Management degree offers diverse career paths:

•    Human Resource Consultant/Manager

•    Marketing Specialist/Manager

•    Business Analyst

•    Business Development Manager

•    Corporate Communications Officer

•    Information System Designer/Analyst

•    Workplace Innovation Consultant

•    Accountant

Skills Assessment for Business Management Degree Holders

Based on your occupation, different assessment criteria are applied:

•    VETASSESS: For Human Resource Advisor or Recruitment Consultant roles.

•    Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML): Assessments for Human Resource Manager or Sales/Marketing Manager roles.

•    CPA, CA, or IPA: Assessments for Accountant, Management Accountant, Taxation Accountant, External Auditor, and Finance Manager roles.

PR Pathway for Business/Management Degree Holders

After completing an accredited business management course in Australia, explore various pathways for migration:

•    Skilled visas: 189, 190, 491

•    Employer Sponsored visas: 186, 482, 494

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