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Live Permanently In Australia 

Broadly speaking there are effectively four stages to attain your PR in Australia.

Stage 1: Identify the visa for you


There are over 40 Australian Migrant Visas that allow you to work and reside continuously in Australia. Here's a short rundown of some of the most common migrant visa categories:


Work-Based Permanent Residency -The worker category offers a variety of options for obtaining permanent residency in Australia. The following are the different types of migrant workers:


Employer-Sponsored Workers -  When a foreign individual is sponsored to work in Australia by an Australian business.

General Skilled Migration -  For persons who are not sponsored by an Australian company but have a talent that is valued in the country.


Skill Select - For employees with specific capabilities that Australia requires.

Doctors and nurses are two professions that have a lot in common. On a need-only basis, permanent residency is available to doctors and nurses.


Permanent Residency for Families - You may be eligible to immigrate to Australia if you have a family member who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Migrant Visas are available for the following purposes:


  • Partners

  • Fiancé(e)s

  • Children

  • Dependent Relatives


Stage 2: Assess if you are eligible for the visa


Examine the application criteria once you've selected the correct visa. Because migration may be time-consuming and costly, you don't want to apply for a benefit for which you are ineligible.


The DHA website provides the qualifying standards for all of its programmes, or you can follow the links in Step 1 to learn more about specific migrant categories. Visas may need a sponsor, a citizen relative, a specific amount of money to invest in a business, or specific work skills.


Stage 3: Apply for the visa


You can apply for a visa when you've selected the proper one and verified that you satisfy all of the conditions. Applications may be downloaded or submitted online at the DHA website.


Most applications need the submission of supporting papers as well as payment of an application fee. Before you send your application in, double-check that everything is complete.


Stage 4: Obtain your Visa!


You will acquire your migrant visa and be able to live and work permanently in Australia after your application is granted. In some situations, you may be eligible for citizenship in the near future.


Migrant visas in Australia are awarded in five-year increments and are renewable. You are free to enter and depart Australia as long as your visa is valid. The following are some of the other advantages of permanent residency:


  • The ability to work and the ability to apply for citizenship

  • The right to a public education

  • The ability to sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia.

  • Without a visa, you have the right to travel freely between Australia and New Zealand.

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