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Discover the Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

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What Is the 476 Visa?

The Subclass 476 visa is tailored for recent engineering graduates aspiring to work, live, and study in Australia for up to 18 months. It's a unique opportunity for offshore engineering graduates seeking Australian work experience. Document Checklist for a 476 Visa

To apply for the 476 visa, you'll need various documents:

•    Passport information pages and identification documents, including any relevant name change proofs.

•    Academic transcripts and completion letter showcasing your engineering degree from an accredited institution.

•    Evidence of English proficiency at the level specified by the Department of Home Affairs.

•    Character documentation.

•    Required forms (either form 956 or form 956a) if seeking assistance.

•    For applicants including partners or dependents, additional documents such as marriage papers, proof of relationship, and identification for partners and birth certificates for dependents under 18, along with a parental permission form 1229 and statutory declaration.

Who Can Apply for a 476 Visa?

You're eligible for this visa if:

•    You are under 31 years of age.

•    Hold an engineering degree from a recognized institution.

•    Completed your engineering degree in specific disciplines within the last two years, including Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, or Postgraduate degrees.

•    Haven't previously held a temporary graduate visa (485) or skilled graduate visa (476) unless as a family member of the primary applicant.

Acceptable Universities for a 476 Visa

Graduates from institutions accredited under the Washington Accord are eligible for the 476 visa. Additionally, the Department of Home Affairs accepts applicants from a list of recognized universities worldwide.

English Requirements for the 476 Visa

To meet language proficiency standards, applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency through approved international language tests or hold passports from specified countries without the need for language skill evidence.

How to Apply for a Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (476)?

Applicants must apply online via ImmiAccount, providing scanned copies of required documents and ensuring the visa payment is submitted for application processing.

Skilled Recognized Visa Cost and Processing Time

The application fee for the 476 visa is AUD410, with additional charges for family members. Processing times may vary, and missing information could prolong the process.

Validity and Extension of the 476 Visa

The visa is valid for 18 months from the date of issue and cannot be extended or reapplied for. However, other visa pathways may be explored for further stay in Australia.

Family Members and Travel with a 476 Visa

Close family members can join the primary visa holder as subsequent entrants. Traveling with a valid visa is permissible within the visa validity period.

Transitioning to Permanent Residency

Applicants considering a more extended stay can explore permanent work visa options, but this necessitates meeting specific visa conditions and requirements.

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