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What Can You Do with the 191 Visa?

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1.    Continue living and working in Australia permanently.
2.    Apply for Australian citizenship, fulfilling the necessary requirements.
3.    Work and study anywhere in Australia.
4.    Sponsor eligible family members to come to Australia.

Criteria for Subclass 191 Visa 

To qualify for the Subclass 191 Visa:
•    Hold an eligible visa, either Subclass 491 or Subclass 494.
•    Earn taxable income at or above the minimum income threshold for three years while holding a regional provisional visa.
•    Reside in a designated regional area for at least three years, adhering to all visa conditions.
•    Meet health and character requirements.
•    No requirement for a sponsor or nomination; eligible family members can be included.
191 Visa Income Requirements
•    Demonstrate a taxable income at or above the minimum income threshold, presently set at $53,900, for three consecutive years while holding an eligible provisional visa.
•    Show earnings of at least $53,900 per taxable income year for three years during the Subclass 491 visa, potentially requiring multiple jobs in the regional area to meet this threshold.

Income Year Calculation for 191 Skilled Regional 

An income year is relevant if it ended before the application date and the applicant held a regional provisional visa for all or part of that income year.

Visa Compliance Requirements for Subclass 191 Visa 

Applicants must exhibit compliance with visa conditions throughout its duration. Conditions include notifying the Department of certain changes, residing in a regional area, providing requested information, and attending Department interviews when required.

191 Visa Processing Times

Processing times vary due to departmental workload and are updated monthly. Check the current processing times on the official Australian Government website.


•    Government application fee starts at AUD 435 and varies based on the number and age of dependents included in the application.
•    Consultancy fees are contingent on individual circumstances. Contact us to learn more or speak to a Registered Migration Agent for consultation.

Ready to Apply for the 191 Visa?

 If you're considering the 191 Visa or need guidance, Brasica Migration's team of experts is here to help. Send us an inquiry or book a consultation with our Registered Migration Agent for personalized assistance.

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