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Second Stage for Provisional Partner Visa holders (Subclass 801 and 100)

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Conditions & Duration

This stage follows the initial application for Partner visas subclass 820 and 309. After the two-year period since the initial application, the Department of Immigration considers granting the Permanent Partner Visa. Continuity of the relationship and evidence covering this period is crucial. Special circumstances may grant permanent residence even if the relationship ends, such as partner's death, having dependent children, or experiencing domestic violence.

Criteria for the Second Stage of Partner Visa

To qualify for the permanent visa:

•    Genuine and Continuous Relationship: Demonstrate a committed shared life, cohabitation, financial interdependence, social aspects, and level of commitment.

•    Health & Character: Provide full health and police checks, with possible waivers under specific conditions.

Processing Time

Check the Department of Home Affairs' current global processing time for accurate information.

Cost for Partner Visa subclass 801/100

•    No additional visa application charges (VAC) for subclass 801 or subclass 100.

•    Government fees cover both stages (subclasses 820/801 and 309/100). These fees are typically non-refundable if the application is unsuccessful or withdrawn after lodgment. Estimate the Government visa application charge for details.

Australian Citizenship

After a certain period, you might become eligible for Australian citizenship. Explore more about Australian citizenship.

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