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What is the General Skilled Migration Program?

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The General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program is designed for skilled individuals to permanently migrate to Australia without employer sponsorship. It's points-tested and offers various independent, state/territory sponsored, or family-sponsored permanent visas.

What are the GSM Visa Subclasses?

•    Subclass 189 (Permanent Residency - Skilled Independent): This visa doesn't require sponsorship.
•    Subclass 190 (Permanent Residency - Skilled Nominated): Applicants are invited by a state or region.
•    Subclass 485 (Temporary Residency - Graduate): For recent graduates.
•    Subclass 476 (Temporary Residency - Recognised Graduate): For recent engineering graduates.
•    Subclass 491 (Provisional leading to permanent residency - Skilled Work Regional): Requires residing in a designated regional area.
•    Subclass 887 (Permanent Residency - Skilled Regional): Offers permanent residency.
•    Subclass 191 (Permanent Residency - Skilled Regional - Permanent Residence): A new permanent residency visa for regional residents.

What's the Points Test and General Criteria?

To be eligible:
•    Applicants must be under 45 years old.
•    Have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List.
•    Meet minimum English language requirements.
•    Score a minimum of 65 points from the points test.

How Does the EOI (Expression of Interest) Work?

•    The current pass mark to lodge an EOI is 65 points.
•    EOIs remain valid for two years, requiring updates for changes.
•    An EOI isn't a visa application but a pathway to an invitation.

What's the Importance of the Skilled Occupation List?

This list determines eligible occupations for skilled migration programs, ensuring responsiveness to Australia's workforce needs.

Differences Between 189, 190 & 491 Visas?

•    Subclass 189: Independent skilled visa, no sponsorship required.
•    Subclass 190: State-nominated, also a permanent visa.
•    Subclass 491: Leads to permanent residency by residing in a designated regional area for a minimum of three years.

What's the Application Process for GSM Visas?

1.    Check Eligibility: Assess your qualifications and occupation's demand.
2.    Skills Assessment: Obtain a positive assessment in your nominated occupation.
3.    Expression of Interest (EOI): Lodge through Skills Select.
4.    State/Territory Nomination (if applicable): Apply for sponsorship.
5.    Visa Application: Submit within 60 days of receiving an invitation.

How Can Brasica Migration Assist?

  • Brasica Migration offers expertise in skills assessment, occupation nomination, and work experience demonstration for GSM applications. Book a consultation for a detailed eligibility assessment.

Other Important Information:

•    Valid Skills Assessment: Required at the time of invitation for visa application.
•    Misleading Information in EOI: Providing false or misleading details can affect the visa application even after receiving an invitation.

State Nominations Information:

•    New South Wales State Nomination

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