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Exploring Design Studies In Australia

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Exploring Design Studies In Australia

Are you underestimating the potential of a career in design? Contrary to popular belief, creative thinking is a prized attribute in numerous industries, and the world of design offers a plethora of opportunities. From our physical environment to the products we use daily, design permeates our lives, making it a pivotal aspect of Australia's rapidly growing industries across education, health, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Why Choose Design Studies in Australia?

Quality Education: Opting for institutions recognized for their exceptional educational standards ensures top-notch training. Australian universities, renowned for their excellence, rank among the top one percent globally.


Thriving Art Scene: Australia's vibrant art scene garners millions of visitors annually, surpassing even the audiences at major sports events. This vibrant landscape welcomes anyone aspiring for a career in the creative industry.


Work While Studying: International students pursuing design courses in Australia have the advantage of working up to twenty-four hours per week. This opportunity not only provides extra financial support but also valuable industry experience.


Post-Study Work Visa: Graduates completing a two-year higher education design degree become eligible for a 4-5-year Post-study Work Visa. This extension allows graduates to gain further work experience.

What Design Programs Are Available?

Diploma of Design: A short-term vocational qualification offering foundational knowledge and practical skills across various design disciplines, enabling exploration before specialization.


Bachelor of Design: An undergraduate program providing comprehensive education and training across diverse design disciplines, allowing students to delve into various areas of design before focusing on specific ones.


Graduate Certificate in Design: A postgraduate program for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in design, catering to those with a relevant bachelor's degree or professional experience.


Graduate Diploma in Design: An advanced program offering specialization in various design disciplines for individuals with a relevant bachelor's degree or professional experience.


Master of Design: An advanced postgraduate program providing extensive education and specialization across various design disciplines, preparing graduates for leadership roles or specialized positions in design.


Not sure which program aligns best with your career aspirations or migration plans?

Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group today for free consultation and assistance with the application process.

What Courses Might You Encounter?

•    Design Concepts

•    Design Histories and Futures

•    Visual Media

•    Business Practices in Creative Industries

•    Architectural Design

•    Fashion Design

•    Industrial Design

•    Interaction Design

•    Professional Practice

What Are the Entry Requirements for International Students?

Diploma Course: Completion of Year 12 or equivalent with an IELTS score of 5.5. Bachelor's Course: Completion of Year 12 or a Diploma course with an IELTS score of 6.5. Master's Course: Completion of a Bachelor's degree with an IELTS score of 6.5. *Note: A portfolio is often required when applying for a design-related program. Not certain if you meet the entry requirements? Connect with Brasica Migration & Education Group for guidance and application assistance.

Which Institutions Offer Design Courses?

Diploma Level

•    Griffith College

•    Billy Blue at Torrens University

•    UTS College

•    RMIT University

•    Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor Level

•    Queensland University of Technology

•    Griffith University

•    University of Queensland

•    RMIT University

•    University of Technology Sydney

Master's Level

•    Griffith University

•    RMIT

•    Billy Blue at Torrens University

•    Looking for a Promising Career Path?

A design degree in Australia opens doors to diverse career options:

•    Fashion Designer

•    Design Researcher

•    Mobile App Designer

•    Interior Designer

•    Landscape Planner

•    Artist

Eager to Assess Your Design Skills?

VETASSESS oversees skills assessments for design degree holders, evaluating relevant criteria and post-qualification employment. Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group for guidance on migration skill assessments, including ACS assessments for IT-related courses.

Mapping the PR Pathway for Design Degree Holders

Step 1: Apply for a 485 visa after completing a two-year higher education course, paving the way for further work experience. Step 2: Explore various visa options like 189, 190, 491, 482, and 494, each with specific criteria and pathways to permanent residency.

Connect with Brasica Migration & Education Group for tailored advice on the best visa option for your aspirations.

Ready to Explore Design Studies?

Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group for guidance and support in crafting your educational journey in design. Discover opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, and the US!

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