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Visa Information for Pursuing Data Science in Australia

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Why Should You Choose Data Science?

•    Data's Power: Data serves as the currency of the future, but its potential lies in interpretation and application. Skilled data scientists unlock its value, extracting actionable insights ethically and understanding its limitations.

•    Influx of Information: The influx of data poses a significant challenge for companies. Mastering data science equips professionals to manage this surge efficiently, aiding in informed decision-making.

•    Cutting-edge Opportunities: Data science represents the forefront of technological advancement, offering professionals opportunities at the forefront of innovation and discovery.

Why Pursue Data Science in Australia?

•    Tailored Courses: Australian education institutions offer tailored programs designed to nurture both professional and personal growth, ensuring graduates possess the necessary skills and experiences for a successful career.

•    Diverse Entry Routes: Whether you're a high school graduate or hold a Bachelor's in related fields like Mathematics or Statistics, Australian universities offer suitable pathways, such as Bachelor's or Master's degrees in Data Science.

•    Flexible Start Dates: With 2-3 intakes annually, universities provide flexibility, allowing international students to begin their programs at their convenience, facilitating diverse unit choices and payment options.

•    Extended Stay Opportunities: Completing a 2-year or longer Data Science program enables eligibility for a 2-4-year Postgraduate Visa (485), providing avenues for graduates to prepare for future migration options.

Career Prospects after Data Science Graduation

Data Science opens doors to a wide array of career options:

•    Analytics Consultant

•    Data Architect

•    Data Engineer

•    Business Analyst

•    Data Scientist

•    Systems Analyst

•    Market Analyst

•    Risk Analyst

•    and more...

Course Options in Data Science

•    Bachelor of Data Science

•    Graduate Certificate of Data Science

•    Graduate Diploma of Data Science

•    Master of Data Science

Entry Requirements

•    For Bachelor’s: Completion of Year 12 or equivalent Diploma with an IELTS score between 6.0-6.5.

•    For Master’s: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree and an IELTS score between 6.0-6.5.

Data Science Courses Available in Australia

Bachelor Level:

•    Monash University

•    Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

•    University of Wollongong

•    University of New South Wales

•    University of South Australia

Top Universities Offering Software Engineering Programs Bachelor Level:

•    Griffith University

•    University of Canberra

•    Charles Darwin University

•    Australian National University

•    Deakin University

•    Federation University Australia

•    University of Newcastle

•    University of Queensland

Graduate Diploma Level:

•    University of South Australia

•    Flinders University

•    University of Adelaide

•    University of New South Wales

•    La Trobe University

Master’s Level:

•    Flinders University

•    Federation University

•    University of Adelaide

•    University of Queensland

•    Queensland University of Technology

•    University of Western Australia

•    University of South Australia

•    Monash University

•    University of Canberra

•    Swinburne University of Technology

•    University of Southern Queensland

•    James Cook University

•    The University of New South Wales

Professional Accreditation

Most Data Science degrees in Australia are accredited by the ACS (Australian Computer Society).

Expected Salaries in Data Science

Graduate Annual Salary Range: AU$53,000 to AU$105,000 (Statistics from PayScale Australia)

Best Universities for Data Science

Brasica Migration & Education Group recommends universities offering Data Science programs for aspiring students.

Interested in Studying Data Science in Australia?

Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group today for free counseling and assistance with the application process!

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