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Study Hospitality in Australia

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Study Hospitality in Australia

Hospitality, coupled with tourism, stands as one of the globe's largest service industries, significantly driving economic growth in various destinations worldwide. Australia boasts renowned tourist cities and landmarks like Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and Hobart’s Primeval Forest National Park, drawing domestic and international tourists annually.

Why Choose Hospitality Studies in Australia?

•    Lucrative Salary Potential: The hospitality industry in Australia offers high-paying positions. A hotel manager's average base salary hovers around $102,422 per year, making it an enticing career choice.

•    Robust Employment Prospects: Over the last decade, Australia's hospitality and tourism sectors have flourished, creating a significant demand for jobs. Employment rates for hospitality graduates surpass those of other majors, with over 907,300 employed in Accommodation and Food Services in 2022, predicted to rise to 971,800 by 2025.

•    Quality Education: Australian hospitality courses integrate theoretical learning with practical applications, often including internships ranging from six months to a year.

What Hospitality Courses Are Available?

•    Programs span Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate levels. For international students intending to work in Australia post-graduation, completing at least a Diploma in Hospitality is advisable.

•    Specialized majors include Ecotourism, Catering, Event Management, Hotel and Hospitality Studies, International Tourism, and more.

School Recommendations:

•    Diploma Level: Griffith College, Le Cordon Bleu Australia, NIET, Charlton Brown, TAFE.

•    Bachelor Level: Griffith University, The University of Queensland, Southern Cross University, Monash University.

•    Master Level: Griffith University, The University of Queensland, Southern Cross University, Monash University.

Entry Requirements for International Students

•    For Diploma courses, completion of Year 11 or equivalent and an IELTS score of 5.5 are typically required.

•    Bachelor courses often mandate completion of Year 12 or a Diploma, along with an IELTS score of 6.5.

Cost of Studying Hospitality in Australia

Diploma fees range from AUD10,800 to AUD28,100, while Bachelor fees range from AUD50,676 to AUD90,000. Master's programs cost between AUD42,000 and AUD86,000.

Career Outcomes

•    Graduates can explore employment in tourism, hotels, conferences, sports and leisure services, or economic management, enjoying higher salaries and improved social welfare compared to traditional industries.

How to Pass a Skill Assessment for Accommodation and Hospitality Managers?

•    VETASSESS conducts skills assessments for Accommodation and Hospitality Managers, allowing international students to stay longer in Australia or secure permanent residency through visas like 190, 491, 494, or 482.

PR Visa Pathways for Hospitality Students

Step 1: Apply for a 485 visa

•    Students completing a two-year higher education degree qualify for a 2–4-year Post Study Work Visa (subclass 485), providing opportunities for more work experience and potential migration.

Step 2: Apply for PR

•    Various visa options like 190, 491, 494, or 482 offer pathways to Permanent Residency in Australia for Accommodation and Hospitality Managers. Each visa category has specific requirements, such as state nomination, regional commitments, or employer sponsorship.


For guidance on the right hospitality course or visa pathway, reach out to Brasica Migration & Education Group. Our experienced team ensures smooth navigation through educational choices and visa applications, offering tailored assistance for Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Contact us to kickstart your education roadmap today!

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