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Tribunal Review: Navigating AAT for Visa Challenges

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Refused or Cancelled Visa? Discover Your Options.

Brasica Migration offers strategic guidance and representation for individuals facing visa refusals or cancellations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the available pathways.

AAT Review: An In-depth Insight

Understanding Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)

The AAT serves as an independent body, reviewing decisions made by Australian government departments. Established in 1975, it ensures a fair and efficient platform for dispute resolution.

Objective of the AAT

Designed to address concerns about transparency in government decision-making, the AAT conducts impartial merits reviews, ensuring a just and accessible administrative review system.

Divisions of AAT Pertinent to Migration

1.    Migration and Refugee Division: Primarily reviews visa refusal decisions by the Department of Home Affairs.

2.    General Division: Focuses on character-related visa decisions and citizenship refusals.

AAT's Reviewable Visa Decisions

The AAT holds authority to review a spectrum of visa decisions, encompassing family visas, skilled visas, student visas, among others. Notably, fast-track humanitarian visas are excluded from review.

Potential AAT Decision Outcomes

Understanding the AAT's decisions:

•    Affirmation: Decision remains unchanged.

•    Variation: Modifications to the initial decision.

•    Setting Aside: A recognition of errors in the original decision.

•    Remitting: Sending the matter back for reconsideration with new instructions.

Timely Action: AAT's Time Limits

Adhering to specific time frames is crucial. Applicants have limited days from notification to apply for AAT review, varying based on receipt mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AAT Review


•    Accessible Review: Provides a pathway for review of migration decisions.

•    Independent Review: Ensures impartiality and adherence to legal principles.

•    Expertise and Timeliness: Leverages migration expertise for quicker resolutions.


•    Limited Enforcement Power: AAT decisions have limited enforceability.

•    Finality of Decisions: AAT's decisions are generally final without further appeal.

Seek Expert Guidance for AAT Review

Facing visa complications? Contact Brasica Migration today to navigate the complexities of AAT reviews effectively.

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