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Australian Citizenship Your Journey as an Australian Citizen

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What is Australian Citizenship?

Embrace the final step in your migration journey by becoming an Australian citizen. It's a voluntary process offering protection and rights in Australia.

Latest Updates on Australian Citizenship

•    Processing Time Reduction: 42% decrease in citizenship processing times since July 2022.

•    Passport Power: Australian passports rank 6th globally, granting access to 186 destinations.

•    COVID-19 Impact: In-person citizenship ceremonies are now held online during the COVID-19 crisis.

Rights and Responsibilities as an Australian Citizen

•    Your Responsibilities: Behave in accordance with Australia’s democratic beliefs, respect rights and liberties, follow and obey the law, vote in elections, defend Australia if necessary, and serve on jury duty.

•    Your Privileges: Apply for an Australian passport, freely leave and re-enter Australia, seek help from Australian consulates, vote in elections, register children born overseas, and more.

Ways to Attain Australian Citizenship

•    By Birth: Born in Australia with Australian citizen or permanent resident parent(s).

•    By Descent: Child of an Australian citizen born overseas.

•    By Grant (Conferral): Non-citizen applying for citizenship based on residence and eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Citizenship by Conferral

•    Residency Requirements: Permanent resident for at least the last 12 months and lawfully resided in Australia for at least 4 years.

•    Absence Limitations: Not outside Australia for more than a total of 1 year in the last 4 years (and no more than 90 days during the last 12 months).

•    Character Requirements: Good character declaration, assessment of overseas travel since turning 18, and considerations for age exemptions.

Australian Citizenship Application Fees and Process

•    Application Fee: AUD 540 (as of 1 July 2021).

•    Application Steps: Lodge the application, attend a citizenship appointment or test, and finally, attend a citizenship ceremony upon approval.

Appeal Process and Refusal Criteria

Appeals can be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal based on specified refusal criteria, including identity establishment, national security risks, residence requirements, character assessments, and recent renouncement of citizenship.

Legislative Changes Impacting Citizenship

Recent legislative amendments have affected citizenship pathways for New Zealand citizens living in Australia, introducing direct pathways and changes to permanent residency eligibility.

Seek Guidance for Australian Citizenship

Contact us for personalized guidance and support through the Australian citizenship application process.

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