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What is the Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)? 

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The Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 is a permanent visa designed for highly skilled workers in specific target sectors, aimed at enhancing Australia's economy. It grants you and your family indefinite residence and work rights across Australia without requiring a job offer or local sponsorship.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Global Talent?

To qualify for this visa, candidates must:
•    Possess exceptional skills in one of the 10 target sectors.
•    Attract a salary meeting the high-income threshold (currently AUD$158,500).
•    Demonstrate internationally recognized achievements in their field of expertise.
•    Be prominent in their area of expertise.
•    Show they'd be an asset to Australia in their field.
•    Have an Australian organization or individual with national reputation (Nominator) endorse and support their application.

Are There Age Requirements for Global Talent Visa? 

There's no upper age limit; however, exceptional benefit to the Australian community needs to be established for applicants below 18 or above 55.
Application Process for Global Talent Visa (Subclass 858)
1.    Expression of Interest (EOI): Submit an EOI to receive a unique identifier if you meet program parameters.
2.    Secure a Nominator: Obtain endorsement from an eligible individual or organization in your field.
3.    Visa Application via ImmiAccount: Apply for the visa using the received identifier.

Processing Times for Global Talent Visa 

The Subclass 858 visa can be granted in as little as a few days for highly skilled candidates. Standard processing time ranges from 73 days to 3 months.

Costs Associated with Global Talent Visa

•    EOI submission: No government charges.
•    Visa application charges:
•    $4,180 for the primary applicant; $2,095 for each secondary applicant aged 18 or above; $1,045 for each secondary applicant aged under 18.
•    Additional fees apply for applicants above 18 without functional English skills.

English Requirements for Global Talent Visa 

Applicants aged 18 or above need functional English skills. Those who don't meet the threshold must pay an additional fee before visa grant.

Duration and Benefits of the Visa Holders of the Global Talent Visa Subclass 858 can:

•    Live and work permanently in Australia.
•    Study in Australia.
•    Access Medicare for health-related care.
•    Apply for Australian citizenship after meeting residency requirements.
•    Sponsor parents for an Australian Visa.


•    Family Inclusion: Family members can be included in the same visa application.
•    Travel Exemption: Visa holders are automatically granted a travel exemption during current international border closures due to COVID-19.
•    Australian Citizenship: Eligible for citizenship after four years of residing in Australia.
For personalized guidance on the Global Talent Visa or assistance with your application, contact Brasica Migration's team of experienced professionals today.

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