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Partner 461 Visa for New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship

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What is the Subclass 461 Visa?

The Subclass 461 visa is designed for eligible family members of New Zealand citizens living in Australia on a Subclass 444 or those traveling to Australia with a family member eligible for a Subclass 444 visa on arrival. This visa permits living and working in Australia for up to five years, renewable based on continued eligibility.

Visa Eligibility Criteria:

•    Relationship Requirement: Eligible as a partner, dependent child, dependent grandchild, or a relative meeting specific criteria.

•    Health and Character: Applicants must meet health and character standards.

•    Financial Obligations: Clear any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or arrange repayment before visa grant.

Visa Processing and Fees:

Processing Time:

As of October 2023, the Department's website indicates that 90% of 461 visa applications are processed within 13 months. Some recent experiences have seen grants within a six-month timeframe.

Visa Costs:

As of July 1, 2023, the fee for the main applicant is AUD$420. For current charges, please refer to the official Government visa pricing estimator.

Visa Conditions and Renewal:

Visa Duration:

Upon grant, the 461 Visa entitles holders to live, work, study, and travel to and within Australia for five years.

Visa Renewal:

Renewal is possible even if the relationship with the Subclass 444 visa holder ends, provided certain criteria are met, including maintaining Australian residency and meeting health requirements.

Transition to Permanent Residency:

Pathways to Permanent Residency:

While the Subclass 461 visa doesn't directly lead to permanent residency, eligible candidates might explore alternative pathways such as skilled visas or employer-sponsored streams based on individual skills and qualifications.

For personalized guidance and expert assistance in navigating the Partner 461 Visa for New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship, contact Brasica Migration today!

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