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Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

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Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Cookery courses in Australia blend culinary arts and essential business knowledge, paving the way for students to become business owners or thrive in various hospitality roles like Chef, Cook, Pastry Chef, and more. With a focus on both kitchen expertise and customer service, graduates find themselves well-equipped for diverse roles in the hospitality industry.

Why Study Cookery Courses in Australia?

•    Culinary Excellence and Multicultural Flavors: Australia's reputation for culinary excellence, diverse cuisine, and high standards in restaurants, cafes, and bars makes it an ideal destination for cookery education. Its multicultural ambiance adds a delightful twist to the culinary scene, making it the second most favored country for culinary arts education globally.

•    Flexibility in Education: Multiple intakes per year and courses that cater to various experience levels make it accessible for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Commercial Cookery and Patisserie programs welcome students with limited or no background in the field.

•    Job Prospects and Long-Term Stay: The flourishing hospitality industry in Australia forecasts around 81,000 job vacancies for cookery program graduates over the next five years. Completing a two-year cookery course opens doors to Post Study Working Visas (e.g., Visa 485) and possible pathways to temporary working visas and permanent residency (visas 189, 190, 482, 186, 491, 191).

What Cookery Courses Are Available?

•    Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery and Patisserie: Offer foundational skills for aspiring cooks and pastry chefs, covering a range of culinary expertise.

•    Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Stream): Ideal for those aiming to manage kitchens or small businesses, focusing on culinary and managerial skills.

•    Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management: Offers specialized managerial skills for senior management roles in the hospitality industry.

Entry Requirements for International Students

•    Depending on the course, completion of Year 10 or Year 12 or equivalent qualifications is required.

•    English proficiency proof (IELTS overall score of 5.5 with no sub-band below 5.0), with English pathway programs available for those needing language support.

Cost of Studying Cookery Courses

•    Fees range from $AUD 10,000 to $AUD 30,000 for Certificate III and IV, with Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses costing similarly. Packages combining multiple courses are available to reduce study time and costs.

Where Can You Study Cookery Courses?

•    Renowned institutes across major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide offer programs catering to different levels of cookery skills.

How to Become a Qualified Chef in Australia?

•    Completion of cookery courses, one year of working experience, and passing a Skill Assessment via Trade Recognition Australia are essential steps.

How to Pass Skill Assessments for a Chef in Australia?

•    The process involves four steps: Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility, Job Ready Employment, Job Ready Workplace Assessment, and Job Ready Final Assessment Review.

Payscale Information

•    Kitchen Chef salaries range from $36,916 to $57,885 annually, with Executive Chefs earning up to $108,804 per year.

PR Pathway for a Chef

•    After passing the skill assessment, chefs become eligible to apply for various permanent visas (visas 189, 190, 482, 491, 186).

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