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What is a DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement)? 

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A DAMA is a formal pact between a regional state or territory and the Australian government. It enables employers in designated areas to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers due to shortages in skills and labor supply.

What Priorities Do Employers Have Under DAMA? 

Employers must prioritize the recruitment of Australian citizens and permanent residents. They're required to initiate strategies facilitating Australian worker recruitment and retention.

Entering into a DAMA

Employers must negotiate and enter a Labour Agreement with the Australian government before sponsoring an overseas worker under the DAMA scheme, granting a Subclass 482 visa.

Pathway to Permanent Residency 

Approval of this visa might lead to Permanent Residency (Subclass 186) after a specified employment period on the Subclass 482 visa.
Current DAMAs There are currently twelve (12) DAMAs in place:
•    Adelaide City Technology and Innovation Advancement, SA
•    East Kimberley, WA
•    Far North Queensland, QLD
•    Goulburn Valley, VIC
•    Great South Coast, VIC
•    Northern Territory, NT
•    Orana, NSW
•    Pilbara, WA
•    South Australia Regional, SA
•    South West, WA
•    The Goldfields, WA
•    Townsville, QLD
Occupations and Application Process Occupations are identified post-industry consultation and lists are regularly updated. Each DAMA has its occupation list & concessions available for viewing.

The application process includes:

1.    Endorsement application to access the Labour agreement under DAMA in the regional area.
2.    Labour Agreement application.
3.    Identification of overseas worker by the employer.
4.    Nomination lodgment.
5.    Visa application.

Fees and Charges for DAMAs

•    Endorsement by the registered regional area and Labour agreement with the Australian Government: No charges.
•    Fees apply for nomination application, Skilling Australian Fund levy, and 482 visa application charges.

Pathway to Permanent Residency under DAMA 

The Northern Territory DAMA provides a pathway for overseas workers to attain permanent residency through the subclass 186 (labour agreement stream).

Need Assistance with DAMA or Visa Applications? 

For expert guidance and tailored assistance regarding DAMA, visa applications, or any immigration queries, contact Brasica Migration's experienced team of Registered Migration Agents.

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