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How to Navigate a Career in Chemical and Environmental Engineering in Australia

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Chemical and Environmental Engineering programs are increasingly vital in addressing environmental crises and sustainability challenges. These courses offer a diverse range of studies focusing on engineering science, sustainable practices, and solutions to environmental issues. According to PayScale, the median annual income for a chemical and environmental engineer stands at AU$73,000, reflecting the field's growing demand and the need for environmental solutions.

Why Choose Chemical and Environmental Engineering in Australia?

•    Top Rankings: Australian universities consistently rank among the world's top 100 in engineering and technology disciplines, offering globally recognized qualifications.

•    Reputable Institutions & Flexibility: Seven Australian universities lead in chemical engineering, providing flexible program start dates, enhancing individual study plans, and financial flexibility.

•    Post-study Work Opportunities: Graduates qualify for a 2-8-year Postgraduate Visa (485), enabling valuable work experience and potential migration opportunities.

Career Paths after Studying Chemical and Environmental Engineering

•    Chemical Engineer: Design, develop, and optimize processes and systems in industries such as pharmaceuticals and environmental protection.

•    Environmental Engineer: Specialize in pollution control, waste management, and sustainable projects.

•    Environmental Consultant: Provide expertise in environmental compliance and risk assessment to businesses and agencies. •    Materials Engineer: Work across industries to improve material properties and applications.

•    Process Engineer: Optimize production processes in various manufacturing sectors.

•    Energy Engineer: Design renewable energy systems and promote energy efficiency.

•    Water Resources Engineer: Manage water supply, flood control, and wastewater treatment systems.

To explore career options after studying chemical and environmental engineering, reach out to us at or +61 430 346 969  for free consultations and application assistance.

Courses Available in Chemical and Environmental Engineering

•    Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering (Chemical and Environmental)

•    Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Chemical Engineering)

•    Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

•    PhD (Chemical Engineering)

•    PhD (Environmental Engineering)

Entry Requirements

•    For Bachelor’s course: Completion of Year 12 or equivalent with IELTS 6.5.

•    For Master’s course: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree with IELTS 6.5.

Where to Study Chemical and Environmental Engineering in Australia

Bachelor Level:

•    RMIT

•    University of Queensland

•    Monash University

•    University of Newcastle

•    Griffith University

•    University of Adelaide

Master Level:

•    Charles Darwin University

•    Edith Cowan University

•    University of Melbourne

•    UNSW

•    University of Southern Queensland

•    University of Western Australia

PhD Level:

•    UNSW

•    Curtin University

•    University of Tasmania

•    RMIT

Skills Assessment and PR Pathway

•    Chemical and Environmental Engineering degrees from Australian universities are typically accredited for Engineers Australia (EA) membership, allowing graduates to work internationally.

•    EA is the authority for skill assessments. Start by ensuring your course is accredited, then determine your occupation category. For assistance, contact Brasica Migration & Education Group for free consultations and application processes.

PR Pathway for Chemical and Environmental Engineers

•    Apply for a 485 visa after completing a 2-year course, followed by skilled or employer-sponsored visas (189, 190, 491, 186, 482, 494) for permanent residency.


For help with visa applications, contact Brasica Migration & Education Group at


Don't miss out on shaping the future with Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Contact Brasica Migration & Education Group for education pathways in Australia, New Zealand, or the US!

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