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Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa (Subclass 400)

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What type of individuals is the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400) designed for?

The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa (subclass 400) is designed for individuals aiming to undertake short-term, highly specialized, non-ongoing work or engage in activities related to Australia’s interests. It offers flexible stay periods of generally up to three months, extendable up to six months in limited circumstances.

What are the streams available under this visa category, and what do they entail?

  • Highly Specialised Work Stream: For highly specialized work that isn't ongoing or as an entertainer.

  • Australia’s Interest Stream: For activities related to compelling circumstances affecting Australia's interests.

What are the eligibility requirements to qualify for this visa?

  • Specialist skills, knowledge, or experience not available in Australia.

  • Invited or supported by the employing organization.

  • Ability to support oneself and accompanying family members financially.

  • Compliance with health and character requirements.

How do the processing times vary for this visa?

Varies and can be checked on the official Australian Government website.

What obligations and restrictions come with holding this visa?

  • Compliance with visa conditions and Australian laws.

  • Limitations on work or activities specified in the visa.

  • Financial self-sufficiency while in Australia.

Is family inclusion allowed under this visa, and what are the limitations?

Family members are allowed, but they cannot work in Australia.

What are the highlighted FAQs for this visa type?

  • Duration: Generally up to three months, extendable in specific cases.

  • Cost: Starting from AUD 405.

  • Processing Time: 12 to 25 days (varying percentages).

  • Financial Requirements: Must show ability to support oneself and family.

  • Additional Costs: Might apply for additional family members.

  • Application Location: Must be outside Australia when applying and deciding.

  • Business Invitation: Required with specific details about the employment.

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